Source: “Historia del Palacio de la Isla de Burgos (1883-12010)” de Isaac Rilova Pérez



Liniers lineage is from Argentina and dates from 1753. With regards to descendants from Burgos, Santiago de Liniers y Gallo-Alcántara, I Count of Liniers, stands out.

He was born in 1842 and he was the son of Mariano-Tomás de Liniers y Sarratea and Cartina Gallo Alcántara y Thomé. He was a remarkable figure in Spanish politics. He joined Carlism at a very young age and defended it in several articles published in the newspaper “La Gorda”. He also collaborated in “La Margarita” and “La Esperanza”.

When the ‘Bourbon Restoration’ began, he left the Carlist ranks and founded, together with several collaborators, the “Catholic Union” newspaper, which supported the Catholic-liberal political movement led by Antonio Cánovas del Castillo.

He was senator for Burgos in 1893 and between 1898 and 1899. He was also civil governor of Madrid between 1899 and 1900, and from his position as Academician of the Language he was part of the  commission for the reform of the dictionary.

House-Palace of The Liniers

He married María Teresa Muguiro y Cerragería, an important figure, who were the link between the two families, The Liniers and The Muguiro, due to the fact that she was the sister of Francisca Muguiro y Cerragería, who in turn married her cousin, Juan Muguiro y Casi. Later, both of them will be the promoters of the construction of the “Palacio de la Isla”.

The Liniers family’s palace was built by Santiago de Liniers, and was designed by the architect Arturo Mélida, in Lavadores Street, in 1879. He died May 12, 1908.